Rod action and length.
Number sections.
Number tip sections.
Reel seat wood insert, hardware and locking type.
Cork grip size and shape.
Cork grip wrapped with rattan strip.
Hook keeper.
Agate stripping guide.
Silk color, tipping wraps, intermediate wraps, length wraps, etc.
Gold leaf application to rod above grip.
Bluing, gold plating ferrules and other metal parts.
Rod case style and color.

Other options are available at the client's request.




Tonkin Cane is a type of bamboo native to the Sui River in the Tonkin Gulf region in China. It is said to be one of the strongest bamboo species because of its high density of fibers. H.L.Leonard was the first builder to fabricate the six sided rod in 1874. Prior to that, most rods were fabricated from other types of wood. Eventually bamboo was replaced by fiberglass, then graphite and now are manufactured from a variety of composites.

Hoagy Carmichael published ''A Master's Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod'' in 1977 which described the rod building techniques of Everett Garrison. Garrison built rods in his NYC apartment. The book may be said to have rejuvenated the bamboo rod renaissance which continues today thanks to the many fine crafts people continuing the tradition.

Bamboo is incredibly strong and forgiving. When handled properly, a well made bamboo rod is a pleasure to cast and offers an esthetics that can not be duplicated by synthetic materials.